The Only Thing More Dangerous Than One W.B. is Two

W.B. is up against the cleverest, deadliest, most dangerous villain he’s ever faced—himself.
Before we get to that, there’s some good news: the new boy at school is the best friend W.B. has ever had! Of course, he is only the third friend W.B.’s ever had though, so… Anyway, his name is B.W. and he goes to the annual Pitchfork Fair with the Barons. W.B. loses his second ever friend, Rose Blackwood (who also works as his parents’ assistant), after an exploding pie lands Rose in jail.
Then W.B. is abducted during a walk in the desert. How was he ambushed where there’s nowhere to sneak up on someone? Because whenever W.B. decides to exercise, it’s bound to end in disaster or pink and purple squirrels. Maybe both. With a bit of backside surfing, he returns to the Baron Estate to find he’s been replaced—by another W.B.! It’s no surprise that one of his parents’ brilliant inventions is to blame for his troubles (although we shouldn’t discount the lingering effects of exercising). The delinquent doodad is the Doppelgänger Device, which transforms the user into anyone with the simple press of a button.
Eager to get his comfortable life back, W.B. tries to expose the imposter. With his skin literally on the line, W.B. must prove himself by harder than he’s ever W.B.ed before.


The Wonderful Baron Doppelganger Device is the third in the Bizarre Baron Inventions Series, following The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate and The Splendid Baron Submarine.

Book Information

Author: Eric Bower
Retail Price: $15.99
Format: Available in Hardcover and eBook
Page Count: 238
Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
ISBN:  9781944995515
Published: March 6, 2018
Sales and Distribution: Midpoint Trade Books
Publicity: Keara Donick

Amberjack Publishing, founded in 2014, is an independent small press of fiction books with offices in New York and Idaho. Amberjack’s books are distributed by Midpoint Trade Books, one of the largest distributors in the industry.