Dewey's biggest case is his own.

Dewey Fairchild isn’t just good with parents, he’s great with them. He’s so good at handling parents that he’s built a thriving business out of it. He even has a secretary, Clara—a great alibi and an even better baker. Dewey settles the most troublesome of cases, from an overprotective mom who won’t let her child go to class on her own, to a dad who can’t stop picking his nose any chance he gets!
Dewey has no problem handling other people’s parents, but when he learns of his father’s plan to move the family to Alaska, he faces a challenge he never expected. Dewey can solve any problem parents may cause, but what will he do when the parents who are causing problems are his own?

Book Information
Author: Lorri Horn
Retail Price: $13.99
Format: Available in both hardcover and eBook
Page Count: 252
Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
ISBN: 9781944995164
Published: August 1, 2017
Sales and Distribution: Midpoint Trade Books
Publicity: Dayna Anderson

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