Kathryn Berla is the author of La Casa 758 (Penguin Random House, Spain) and the YA romance, 12 Hours in Paradise. Her novel, Dream Me, will be released by Amberjack Publishing in July 2017. The House at 758, an English translation of La Casa 758, will be released by Amberjack Publishing October 2017.


Kathryn loves to write about whatever happens to float through her mind and linger long enough to become an obsession. Her interests vary; hence, her genres range from sci-fi to horror to contemporary literary fiction.


When she’s not obsessing over an untold story percolating in her brain, Kathryn can be found walking pretty much anywhere, doing Pilates, or catching up on episodes of The Walking Dead, Girls, Westworld, and . . . well, too many others to name here. She has been an avid movie buff since childhood, and she often sees the movie in her head before she writes the book.


As a State Department brat, Kathryn grew up in India, Syria, Europe, and Africa, and the love of seeing new places still runs deep. She gives into it whenever she can.


Kathryn loves dolphins, owls, elephants, warm beaches, and especially warm summer nights. A warm summer night where she could sit on a beach and see an owl, dolphin, or elephant would be her preferred method of passing time.


Kathryn graduated from the University of California in Berkeley with a degree in English, but she takes the most pride in having studied creative writing under Walter van Tilburg Clark at the University of Nevada. She likes to brag that she had the same translator in Spain as John Green.


She currently lives in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, which she would never leave because she can’t think of another place with as much to offer, including the proximity of her entire family. She lives with her three sons and husband, who are her most constant muses, sounding boards, and general cheerleaders and critics. They normally don’t complain too much about these enforced roles.


You can find out more about Kathryn at her website or follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


Amberjack Publishing, founded in 2014, is an independent small press of fiction books with offices in New York and Idaho. Amberjack’s books are distributed by Midpoint Trade Books, one of the largest distributors in the industry.