In a world of binge-watching and binge-listening, slow down. At Amberjack, we publish a different type of entertainment – one that is smart and thought-provoking, while still providing an escape from the world. You might say we have a knack for finding binge-worthy books. Come read with us. Our books are worth your time.

Featured Books

Follow You Down

You Can't Escape The Ghosts of Your Past

New York defense attorney Neil Brewster has everything he’s ever wanted: an expensive Manhattan apartment, a gorgeous fiancé, a forthcoming partnership in his law firm, and a reputation for winning even the most hopeless cases. His utter ruthlessness and bullying–both in and out of the courtroom–are legendary, and have been since his childhood.

Going Places

More Like "Going Nowhere..."

Everyone had high expectations for Hudson Wheeler. His fourth grade teacher even wrote to his parents that Hudson was “going places.” But everything went downhill after his father died on the battlefield of Iraq one year later. Now facing his senior year of high school without his two best friends by his side and with his teacher’s letter still haunting him, Hudson seizes homeschooling as an opportunity to retreat from the world.

The Wonderful Baron Doppelganger Device

The Only Thing More Dangerous Than One W.B. is Two

W.B. is up against the cleverest, deadliest, most dangerous villain he’s ever faced—himself.

Before we get to that, there’s some good news: the new boy at school is the best friend W.B. has ever had! Of course, he is only the third friend W.B.’s ever had though, so… Anyway, his name is B.W. and he goes to the annual Pitchfork Fair with the Barons. W.B. loses his second ever friend, Rose Blackwood (who also works as his parents’ assistant), after an exploding pie lands Rose in jail.

Hour Glass

Family Isn't Always Blood

Set in the lawless town of Deadwood, South Dakota, Hour Glass shares an intimate look at the woman behind the legend of Calamity Jane told through the eyes of twelve-year-old Jimmy Glass.   After their pa falls deathly ill with smallpox, Jimmy and his sister, Hour, travel into Deadwood to seek help. While their pa is in […]

The Case of the Deadly Doppelganger

Death has a Face - Their Own

Only a few months have passed since the day Kester Lanner forced an angry ghost through the spirit door, but business prospects  for Dr. Ribero’s supernatural agency haven’t improved. Things are looking grim when the agency lands a contract which they must share with a rival agency headed by Dr Ribero’s sworn enemy, Larry Higgins. […]

Spin the Golden Light Bulb

Think More. Work Hard. Dream Big.

The year is 2071. Kia Krumpet is eleven years old. She bites her nails (a lot) and flies an aero-scooter. And she dreams of building her sixty-seven inventions at PIPS, the Piedmont Inventor’s Prep School.   The event is the Piedmont Challenge. A challenge in which all 6th grade students solve a series of tasks. […]

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