In a world of binge-watching and binge-listening, slow down. At Amberjack, we publish a different type of entertainment – one that is smart and thought-provoking, while still providing an escape from the world. You might say we have a knack for finding binge-worthy books. Come read with us. Our books are worth your time.

Featured Books

The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate

When Adventure Meets Invention!

Our story begins, as many stories do, with a talking squirrel dream . . .

The year is 1891, and Waldo “W.B.” Baron has just woken up to find his house flying—no, wait, floating?—floating a thousand feet above the ground.

Spirit Quest

Boy Becomes Man; Man Becomes Legend

Skyco, an Algonquin boy, is heir to the great chief Menatonon, but he has much to learn before he can take his place within the tribe. He learns how hunt, fish, start a fire, and communicate with the spirits. But these are just precursors to the ultimate test, the husquenaugh. Skyco must face the ultimate challenge with his hard-earned skills to survive this harrowing life-or-death ritual.

One American Dream

What is an authentic American?

All Jack Rubin ever wanted was to be an authentic American. A ten-year-old Jewish immigrant, he arrives in New York City in the late 1800s. As an adult, he and his wife become very successful, but he’s still unsatisfied. He struggles while raising a headstrong daughter through the Roaring Twenties, and feels like a failure.Only when he helps the needy during the Great Depression does he realize he’s been an authentic American all along.

The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost

Will his first case be his last?

Kester Lanner’s world changes when he follows his mother’s dying request to meet Dr Ribero. Not only is the man his estranged father, he is eager for Kester to join the family business: catching supernatural spirits. Kester is intrigued despite his fears, and finds himself drawn into a ghost story that will test the entire agency.

Lala Pettibone’s Act Two

She won't be able to write her way out of this one...

Meet Lala Pettibone, a forty-something widow whose outrageous antics befit women half her age. When Lala leaves her beloved New York City to relocate to a whole other Manhattan on the opposite side of the country, she’s less than thrilled. But good things come her way in sunny California, including inspiration to finish writing an uproarious book based on her own delightfully ridiculous adventures.


Good Gamblers Know When to Fold

Chelsea is your average seventeen-year-old, but she’s hiding a hard truth: she and her father are broke. Convinced she must do something quickly, she sneaks into a casino and wins a game of poker. An addiction quickly forms which threatens to expose a complicated web of lies to everyone she knows.

    Amberjack Publishing, founded in 2014, is an independent small press of fiction books with offices in New York and Idaho. Amberjack’s books are distributed by Midpoint Trade Books, one of the largest distributors in the industry.

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